Copyright © 2015 NUFECO, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Aquaculture  AMERICAN AQUAFEED™ (for shrimp, fish, snail, and clam).  Good nutrition helps to maintain good health in aquaculture stocks.  As a source of vitamins, minerals, and innovative beneficial probiotic and enzymes, AMERICAN AQUAFEED™ promotes fish, shrimp, snail, and clam growth by creating a cleaner and healthier growing environment in aquaculture hatcheries and grow-out ponds.  It improves energy levels and feed consumption.  Provides excellent growth rate.  Reduces shrimp, fish, snail, and clam mortality by eliminating pathogenic bacteria.  Supports healthy immune system to prevent diseases such as White Spot Virus in shrimp and fish. GreenPond  Careful control of the culture environment is required to maintain a condition that is optimum for the growth of the relevant species.  GreenPond creates and regenerates a biological aquaculture system with the application of beneficial probiotic and waste digesting microbes.  It biologically eliminates toxic ammonia and nitrates.  Produces high levels of nutritious marine algae and phytoplankton used for feeding shrimp and fish.  Helps maintain optimum water pH.  Improves growing water conditions, recovers pond soil biologically.  Increase disease resistance and enhance shrimp, fish, snail, and clam nutrition.    AMERICAN AQUAFEED™ and GreenPond             Environmentally responsible products