Copyright © 2015 NUFECO, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Our flagship product, AMERICAN NUFEED™, is a unique energy source of vitamins and minerals to promote fast, efficient growth for livestock, dairy, and poultry.  We specialize in diet formulation and the custom manufacture of premixes to suit the requirements of the swine, poultry, dairy and cattle producers.  AMERICAN NUFEED™ promotes superior animal nutrition, health and performance.  We offer a complete range of commercial swine, poultry, and dairy premixes available for weaning swine, growing swine, finishing swine, gestating sows, lactating sows, chicken, dairy cows, and cattle . We also design and develop innovative and environmentally responsible biotechnology products that have applications in aquaculture.  AMERICAN AQUAFEED™ and GreenPond are based on natural, non-toxic, non-hazardous and biologically-safe microbes and enzymes that improve growing water conditions, recover pond soil biologically, and provide excellent growth rate for shrimp, fish, snails and clams.     Products