Copyright © 2015 NUFECO, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Swine  AMERICAN NUFEED™ 1 (for swine from weaning to growing) A very high quality supplementary nutritional product that provides a concentrated source of vitamins and minerals which provides newly weaned swine with the nutrients and ingredients they can digest, minimizes gut damage and improves feed intake and gain. AMERICAN NUFEED™ 2 (for swine from growing to finishing)  Unique growth promoting action with a high quality nutrition that demonstrates a higher rate of lean gain, lowers fat, and improves digestion. AMERICAN NUFEED™ 3 (for gestating sows and lactating sows)  Based on precision formulation to avoid excessive weight loss and maintain milk output.  Helps generate prolonged muscle contraction during farrowing, prevents the occurrence of stillbirths, and reduces risk of metritis and farrowing fever.   AMERICAN NUFEED™ High levels of performance, disease prevention.